Radio Athenia

Athenia is a collection of local independent journalists and students from the University of Georgia whose mission is to inquire into the nature of things and in doing so, tell the story of the people who call themselves Athenians.

Athenia started as This Athenian Life, founded by Katie Andrew and Nick Mallis. The project was inspired by WBEZ Chicago’s This American Life and served as a way to tell stories, but within the microcosm of Athens, Georgia. The project released their first hour long episode in 2014 on WUGA FM Radio.

Today, the project includes two shows, Athenia News and Athenia Stories and continues to play on WUGA FM Radio, under the supervision of Program Director Chris Shupe.

Smart Watch

Oct 22, 2016

Technology and healthcare have a history of evolving together. And now personal smart devices can help us track our health in ways we couldn’t before. One Athens mom and recognizable WUGA voice, says a new app that lets her track her son’s blood sugar on her smartwatch has been a gamechanger.