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Georgia's university system says campuses won't provide gun storage facilities or signs when a new state law permitting concealed handguns takes effect this summer.
The guidance released Wednesday also makes clear that people will be able to carry concealed weapons during tailgates.
The law takes effect July 1 and allows people with state-issued permits to carry concealed weapons onto public campuses. Georgia previously banned guns on campuses.

"Travel on the Cheap" Tips at Athens Library

15 hours ago

Summer vacation season is almost here and Athens residents planning to travel can pick some tips for traveling on a budget tonight at the Athens library. Former Athens Mayor and frequent traveler Gwen O' Looney is holding her "Travel on the Cheap" workshop. She says a little planning can go a long way.

"I'm going to show people when you buy tickets, what to think about and how far ahead you should think, what happens when you think ahead and what happens when you don't thin ahead," O' Looney said. "Both of those can be capitalized into savings."

Athens News Matters May19, 2017

16 hours ago

On this edition of Athens News Matters the panelists Blake Aued, Gwen O' Looney, and Rebecca McCarthy discuss Clarke County's FY 2018 budget as well as possible demolitions in historic areas and proposed moratoriums regarding some of those projects.

Tornado Watch Issued for Athens Area

17 hours ago

A tornado watch has been issued for most of north Georgia. Clarke, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe, and Oconee counties are included in th e 49 Georgia counties under that watch until 6 o' clock this evening.

Showers and thunderstorms will increase across north and central
Georgia this morning and continue through the afternoon. Some
storms could be strong to severe, capable of damaging winds, large

Roll Out the Barrels Silent Auction

23 hours ago
Cindy Jamison

Terrapin Beer Company is hosting a benefit for the Green School Program, Thursday May 25th.
Roll Out the Barrels 2017  features twenty-one  rain barrels painted by local artists. They will be available during a silent auction. Laurie Lofton, Program Specialist with the ACC Water Conservation Office, says all proceeds go to the Athens Green School Program.

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This Gabby Award Winning program is hosted by Chris Shupe and features a monthly look at Live Performances coming to Athens.

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If you fly into Haines, Alaska, you'll be on a prop plane so small that your pilot will call the roll.

"Melissa." Yup. "Mary." Yes. "Joseph?" Right here.

Just 2,500 people live in Haines — a small town in southeast Alaska surrounded by water. The scenery is incredible, with snowy mountains and lush green forest beyond. The city center is just a few blocks, with several bars, a few restaurants and a beautiful, award-winning library.

At 43, Goodwill Helped Her Get A High School Diploma

33 minutes ago

At 43 years old, Katina Johnson is planning her high school graduation party. It's been about thirty years since she dropped out of middle school when she found out she was pregnant.

Even before then, though, she'd never had a stable education. Her mother was addicted to drugs and moved her around a lot before she died when Johnson was just 12 years old. "That was the last time I even seen the inside of a school," she says.

Jason Cisneroz, a community service officer in Houston, is troubled. His job in the nation's fourth largest city is to forge good relations between the police and Hispanic immigrants, a population typically wary of blue uniforms.

"A couple of days ago there was a witness to a burglary of a motor vehicle," he said. "She saw the suspects run to a certain place and with items they stole from a car, but she was afraid to come to police, she was in fear they would ask for her papers."

Montana GOP Candidate Charged With Assault On A Reporter

33 minutes ago

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