UGA Academic Calendar Will No Longer Be Set By University Council

Nov 13, 2017

Credit University of Georgia

University System of Georgia presidents will be now be responsible for setting their school calendars. 


The Board of Regents has created a new policy that requires state college presidents in Georgia to develop the calendar for the school year.


This policy comes after it was found there were differences between the number of weeks of instruction at UGA, Georgia Tech and Georgia State.


UGA President Jere Morehead has passed the duty of creating the calendar to the Vice President for Instruction, Rahul Shrivastav.


Before, the academic calendar was developed by the UGA University Council, composed of faculty members. Once the Council voted on the schedule, it was approved by President Morehead.


Now the University Council will likely be left out of the calendar-making process, though Morehead did say faculty advice should be considered.


In the past, students have complained that UGA's early calendar start in August conflicts with their summer job and internship schedules.