Grady College Held Annual Journalism and Mass Communication Career Day

Feb 8, 2018

Credit UGA

Grady College held its annual Journalism and Mass Communication Career Day in the Tate Center’s Grand Hall this afternoon.


Hundreds of students took part in the event which provided access to dozens of wide-ranging employers including Turner Broadcasting, Delta and Goodwill. Newspaper, television and radio companies were there from across the state and locally, including WUGA. Students like Christine Min are hoping to land jobs.


"I'm a graduating senior so it's crucial for me to get a job after graduating. So hopefully after this I'll have some interviews, meet some new people and network," said Min.  


While others, like third-year student Emily Cunningham, are looking for information and connections.


"Well this is my first semester in Grady, but so far it's been awesome. I've had a lot of opportunity. I'm  here to kind of explore to see what's out there," said Cunningham. "Honestly I'm not looking for an internship this summer because I'm studying abroad in China doing the public relations program. But it's always a good opportunity to network with people, so I just wanted to take advantage of that." 


The day-long event also featured a career panel, and a networking lunch with students and employers. 


It’s for students seeking careers in digital, print and broadcast journalism, creative mass media, media sales, advertising and public relations. The Career Day is presented by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and Grady College.