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On this episode of Nothing Funny About Money, Matt And Michael discuss the financial implications of the meaning of Christmas. Guests include Stephanie Cockfield of Ark Athens and some guy in a white beard!


Dec 22, 2017


WED DEC 20th@ 8PM-9PM Pre-empting Radio Lab

Hanukkah Lights 2017(NPR)

A perennial NPR favorite with all new Hanukkah stories, hosted by Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz. There are menorahs, miracles and mitzvahs on Hanukkah Lights, the NPR holiday tradition that celebrates the stories of the season.

THURS DEC 21st@ 9PM-10PM Pre-empting Sound of Athens

Sound Opinions 2017 Holiday Spectacular (PRX)

The Guest List wraps up the holidays and 2017 with a special year end review of some of the best shows and albums of 2017! Who made the list? You're gonna have to listen to find out!

So in honor of National Fast Food Day, I decided to venture out and indulge in one of my favorite guilty pleasures, an old fashioned milk shake. In doing so, I discovered a local connection to one of my favorite milk shake options!

Students leave more than 3 billion dollars, yes that's BILLION, in federal grants on the table each year! In this episode the Nothing Funny About Money Team discusses the various opportunities available for funding college, without going into debt!