Georgia State Department of Revenue is studying whether to eliminate or reduce use of the registration stickers placed on license plates.

The weighing of this decision could have potentially massive effects for the state. In the last fiscal year alone, the registration decals were stuck on more than 10.7 million vehicles.

GasBuddy Analysts Warn of Gas Price Differences

19 minutes ago

Analysts at Gas Buddy are warning Georgia drivers and others to avoid getting trapped on the wrong side of a state border when it comes to gas prices as they hit the road this summer season. The smartphone app connects nearly 70 million drivers and identifies state borders with the most drastic gas price variance.

Athens-Clarke commissioners have added funding to several projects, including the firefly trail, sidewalks, and street paving, after changing estimates of TSPLOST revenue.

Commissioner Jerry NeSmith says ACC staff studied sales tax trends and came up with the most recent numbers by looking at the past five years instead of ten previously. In addition to adding money for new projects and some already on the list, NeSmith requested $340,00 for the county take over private streets in a neighborhood near the mall, a move he says will also benefit the county.

Oconee Schools to Delay Dismissal for Eclipse

23 hours ago

Oconee County Public School officials announced that they will dismiss 30 minutes later than usual on August 21 because of the solar eclipse.

Claire Miller, Oconee County Chief Academic Officer, announced in a news release on Wednesday that the elementary schools will dismiss at 3 p.m. that day, and the county’s high schools and middle schools will follow at 4 p.m.

Firefly Trail Inc.

The Athens-Clarke County Commission found a way to restore $5 million of funding for the Firefly Trail project: revise revenue projections on a proposed 1-cent sales tax.

Commissioners believe that basing revenue projections on the past five years of sales tax collections, instead of the past 10 years, yields a higher total for the five-year tax — $109.9 million as opposed to $104.5 million. This announcement was made in Tuesday’s commission meeting. Mark Ralston, President of Firefly Trail Incorporated, explained that he is excited about this new announcement.