Hotline Helping Georgians Seeking Benefits

26 August 2014

A hotline is helping connect Georgia residents to federal and state benefits. According to Georgia Health News, hundreds of Georgians have been helped by a hotline run by the Georgia Legal Services Program.

Backlogs at the Department of Family and Children’s Services have affected applicants trying to get food stamps and Medicaid coverage. The agency phone number has been overwhelmed with demand, after switching to an online system for benefits renewals and notices. Hotline supporters say seniors and people with low incomes don’t have access to computers.
The state’s food stamp backlog has recently been reduced.
Since debuting in 2013, the Legal Services benefits hotline has assisted over 1,500 Georgians who have received about $2.4 million in annual benefits, the majority of which are food stamps or Medicaid coverage. The hotline (1-888-632-6332) helps Georgians in rural areas with essential needs like food and medical care.
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