Ga. Enrollment Up In Insurance Exchange

14 February 2014

ATHENS - January enrollment in the federal health insuracnce exchange dwarfed enrollment from previous months

The number of Georgians signed up for health coverage in the insurance exchange has topped 100,000 according to Georgia Health News.
The new total, which topped out at 101,276 represents a 73 percent jump from the October through December total of 58,611. North Carolina and Michigan, two states with similar population numbers have higher enrollment than Georgia, but Georgia actually surpasses Ohio and Illinois, two states with larger populations.
Nationally, nearly 3.3 million people enrolled in the health insurance marketplace plans by Feb. 1, with January alone accounting for 1.1 million plan selections in state and federal marketplaces.
March 31 marks the end of open enrollment in the exchanges before most consumers are subject to paying a penalty for not having health insurance

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