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Grady College Dean Charles Davis: Journalists Should be Journalists

Grady Dean Dr. Charles Davis is voicing his concerns regarding journalism and the principles separating it from the broader field of mass communication after seeing reporters fill the house of the couple accused in the San Bernardino, California shootings.

Davis wrote an editorial which appeared in Thursday’s edition of the Savannah Morning News.

“What are these people who purport to be journalists doing, because that doesn’t look anything like journalistic behavior,” according to Davis. “And it was one of those things where I saw it and was outraged by it and then a few days went by and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Davis says the distinction between journalism and the rest of the field is important.

“As I say in the column only journalism, and journalism alone, exists primarily to serve citizens by giving them information that they need to be self-governing. If you think about all the other parts of the mass communication pie, none of them start each day with the job of informing citizens so they can govern themselves. That’s a much loftier calling, it’s a much loftier goal.”

The dean plans to write more on this issue during the coming months.

“Just to talk about what it is journalists do and how that differs from other roles in the broader field. Because I just don’t think the public has been talked to about this as much it needs to be.”

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