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Chancellor Steve Wrigley

USG’s Chancellor Wrigley’s Message on Travel Ban

07 March 2017

University System of Georgia issues message concerning the most recent executive order affecting international travel.

The University System of Georgia greatly values the contributions of our international students, faculty and staff. International education,
research and collaboration enrich our academic culture, benefitting students, faculty and staff throughout our 28 institutions across our University System. It is important that we continue to remain in close
communication as new information and direction becomes available about policy changes impacting international travel and visa holders.

The new Executive Order issued March 6 places travel and immigration limits for the following six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. However, according to the terms of the Executive Order, linked here: it is to be applied to nationals of these six nations who do not hold visas as of the effective date of the order, March 16, 2017. Those who hold current visas, including our students and faculty using visas to study and teach here, are not impacted and their visas remain valid under the new order.

As this order is implemented in the coming months, individual questions may arise with our students, faculty and staff. Our System Office will continue to coordinate closely with your international education
offices, who together stand ready to assist any members of our campus communities seeking information. We continue to encourage University System students, staff or faculty members with any questions to contact their international education office on their respective campus.

Thank you for your support and for continuing to encourage your staff to remain in close communication as new information and guidance become available.

Dr. Steve Wrigley

UGA statement regardiing message:

The University of Georgia shares USG’s unwavering commitment to our international students and faculty. More specific information is available at Immigration Services – UGA

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