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UGA Expert Reacts to Public Broadcasting Cuts Proposed in Trump Budget

16 March 2017

President Donald Trump unveiled his budget plan for Fiscal Year 2018. The proposal calls for cuts to the EPA, Departments of Education, and Health and Human Services.

It also calls for the complete elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. That means the end of all federal funding for PBS and NPR. But experts like Dr. William Lee, a professor with Grady College, say this is still just a proposal.

“It’s Congress that actually appropriates the money and so if members of Congress are feeling a lot of heat, from the lovers of Big Bird and Car Talk and all the other shows that are associated with public broadcasting then they may push back.

It’s a move many were expecting according to Lee,

“This is a long-held Republican belief that the government needs to get out the business subsidizing these broadcast stations,” Lee said. “I think anyone who was paying attention would have recognized that this was coming.”

This isn’t a new sentiment, and Lee says this isn’t the death of public broadcasting. He adds, smaller markets will be the most affected.

“I would say to your listeners if you’re concerned A-support the station financially and B-contact your representatives and let them know that you oppose this cut.

Trump’s plan does include increases for departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs.

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