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March Unemployment Rate Down

20 April 2017

The most recent unemployment numbers are good in Athens and the rest of the state. Georgia's unemployment rate was down for the month of March.

The 5.1 percent rate was two-tenths a point lower than February. According to the state labor department, this is the lowest the rate has been since December 2007. The beginning of the Great Recession.

“When you take a look at those numbers at the reasons for the employment rate going down, it’s all good news,” according to State labor Commissioner Mark Butler. “First of all, we’re continuing to see individuals come back to the labor force and the labor force participation rate continues to go up.”

Commissioner Butler says the number of jobs have increased as well.

“As we saw the number of jobs hit about what we’ve been averaging over the last three years, about 9500 jobs in the month of March. Most importantly we saw over 19,000 Georgians actually gain employment during the month, which is a big reason why the unemployment rate decreased.”

Athens gained 2600 jobs, a nearly three percent increase of the same time last year. New unemployment claims were also down in the Classic City. Employers and those seeking work are encouraged to visit the department’s job listing site, to post or find jobs.

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