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Georgia’s January Unemployment Rate

09 March 2017

Georgia's unemployment rate for January was unchanged from December. Numbers from the state Department of Labor says the rate held steady at 5.5 percent.

Commissioner Mark Butler says there hasn’t been a lot of change in the unemployment rate, even though more people are entering the labor force.

“That means more people either currently working or looking for work in the month of January,” according to Butler. “We saw that number increase by just under 16-thousand, which is a very strong number.”

The commissioner says those applicants are finding jobs.

“The good news is the vast majority of those individuals who came into the labor force actually found work. You’re talking about almost 15-thousand individuals who actually gained employment who previously had not been working in the month of January.’

He says job growth was also strong for January.

“We’ve been averaging about three thousand to 33-hundred jobs on average over the last three or four years. However, this January we had right at 65-hundred new jobs created, so we’re beatng our current average that we’ve had over the past few years.”

Butler urges job seekers and employers to visit the department’s online job listing service at

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