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Basil Eleby is charged with arson and criminal damage to property after the I-85S fire which caused a part of the highway to collapse.

Basil Eleby Will Have Five Attorneys Representing Him for No Charge

11 April 2017

Basil Eleby, the man charged with setting a fire under I-85S in Atlanta, will have five private attorneys representing him, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

They have all agreed to work for free. The lawyers include Gerald Griggs, vice president of the Atlanta NAACP, and Lawrence Zimmerman, attorney for Leanna Taylor, ex-wife of Justin Ross Harris, the man who was convicted of leaving his child in a hot car to die.

Eleby is facing two felony charges of arson and criminal damage to property. He is scheduled to appear in court next Tuesday.

The fire underneath I-85 S caused a stretch of the highway to collapse, and is causing major traffic disruption throughout Atlanta. Eleby is thought to have caused the fire by setting fire to a couch inside of a shopping cart. The flames then ignited against plastic cabling stored under the bridge by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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