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The March for Science in Athens is happening on Saturday, April 22nd.

Athens is Hosting a Satellite March for Science

19 April 2017

This year, Earth Day is adding a new event to the calendar, as people across the country will gather to participate in the March for Science. The main March is happening in Washington, D.C., but there’s going to be a satellite March this Saturday in Athens, too.

“I would say the March for Science is an opportunity to really emphasize the importance that science plays in our daily lives, in our society, in our communities,” said Mark Farmer, a UGA cell biology professor, and one of the March organizers.

Kathy Fowler, a veterinarian, and March organizer, said they designed the Athens March to be positive, non-partisan and family-friendly.

“We want people to bring signs that express their passion. Or the reasons that they think science are important, the reasons they care about it. We’re trying to stay positive in our message. So it’s pro-science rather than anti-one political party or anything else,” said Fowler.

There will be science-related speakers and interactive stations for kids. Farmer, Fowler and the other organizers, set the time of the event in the morning, so people could plan to attend both the March and the G-Day football game in the afternoon.

The Athens March for Science will be on April 22nd from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Participants should plan to gather at the Federal Courthouse on Hancock Avenue.

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