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President Jerry Morehead praises a moratorium on bars in downtown Athens. Photo Credit to Online Athens.

University of Georgia Cabinet Meeting

15 February 2017

The University of Georgia Cabinet met today. Following that meeting, UGA President Jerry Morehead had a regularly scheduled media briefing.

President Morehead spoke about a variety of initiatives UGA was focusing their attention on, including their new needs based scholarship program.

“We do not have sufficient needs based scholarship funds to support students that we want to bring to our institution from low income backgrounds. So this initiative is an effort on our part to close that gap.”

The President also noted, on a personal level, that he would like to see downtown Athens become more diverse in its amenities to visitors.

“I, personally, think that the city would be well served to have a balanced business environment downtown that would reflect our broader community.”

President Morehead added that, though the University’s main campus is in Athens, the university reaches towns across the state.

“You think of the University of Georgia, you think of Athens, Georgia. But we’re much more than Athens, Georgia and we’re having an impact all across the state of Georgia.”

A report was recently released by the university, stating that University of Georgia outreach programs had a $753 million dollar impact on the state of Georgia last year.

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