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WenZhan Song, UGA Engineering Professor. (Photo courtesy of UGA).

UGA Research Focuses on Developing Different Cyberphysical Systems

13 February 2017

Ever heard of a cyberphysical system?

“[A] cyberphysical system, is also called the internet of things, said WenZhan Song, UGA engineering professor. “It’s about you use a lot of sensors, controllers, so that you build a novel system such that it can sense information and make corrective actions.”

The cyber physical systems that Song and his research team create use sensor technologies to link the real world, with the digital, or internet world. An example of this could include, a housing security system.

Right now, Song’s sensor projects mostly focus on energy and the environment, but he’s recently taken an interest in agricultural applications.

“And I do see those sensors controlling cyberphysical system, could play a bigger role in there, to basically, optimize food production, while minimize cost and resource usage,” said Song.

Song hopes to improve food security, food safety, and environmental sustainability through his future projects.

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