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Loch Johnson is the Regents Professor of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. (Photo courtesy of UGA).

UGA National Security Expert Weighs in On Trump and Russia

15 February 2017

Two big stories have been dominating the news cycle this week – the resignation of Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser to President Trump, and phone calls between members of the Trump election campaign, and Russian officials.

UGA national security and intelligence expert, Loch Johnson, says that both of these events are unprecedented. But, that it is necessary for Russia and the U.S. to maintain a working relationship.

“It’s a very delicate situation. So somehow we’ve got to walk a fine line with that nation. But at the same time we have to co-exist with them on this planet, and get along with them to some degree,” said Johnson.

He also weighed in on what might be next for these two cases. The FBI, NSA and other intelligence agencies will keep gathering information on what exactly happened. And Congress will likely dig deeper into investigations.

“Both of the intelligence committees. One in the Senate and one in the House, will surely be looking into this. And have subpoena powers, and budgets, and very well-educated staff people to get that job done.

And if they begin to find that this is really something of great significance to the nation, then I would imagine at that point they would create a special committee or commission to look more deeply, and to have a much bigger staff, and maybe even spend six to twelve months probing it,” said Johnson.

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