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Senator Perdue stated that he looks forward to supporting Betsy DeVos' nomination and working with her to help all students succeed.

Senator Perdue Supports Betsy DeVos Nomination

03 February 2017

Senator David Perdue released a statement today in support of President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

Senator Perdue’s statement is below:

“Both of my parents were school teachers and education is something very dear to me. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students all know that one-size-fits-all Washington education standards are not working and it is time to return control back to states and communities. Betsy DeVos shares these same beliefs. She has championed school choice and, as evidenced by her years of involvement, will work tirelessly to improve our education system. I look forward to supporting Betsy DeVos’ nomination and working with her to help all students succeed.”

DeVos’ confirmation hearing takes place early next week. All 48 senators in the Democratic caucus are expected to oppose her and two republicans have also said they will not vote for her, making her confirmation hearing highly contested.

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