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Senator David Perdue met with Judge Niel Gorsuch.

Senator Perdue Meets Judge Neil Gorsuch

10 February 2017

Georgia Senator David Perdue met with President Trump’s nominee to the US Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch today. After their meeting, Senator Perdue released a statement praising him as a principled jurist. His statement is below:

“After meeting with Judge Gorsuch, it is abundantly clear that he is a principled jurist who will put the Constitution, and the rights of all Americans, at the forefront of any decision he makes. We discussed our country’s Founding Principles of economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty, and how these principles have made our nation exceptional throughout our history. Additionally, Judge Gorsuch has an impeccable academic and legal career that speaks for itself. Throughout our discussion today Judge Gorsuch’s intellect and profound commitment to the rule of law was evident. I have no doubt Judge Gorsuch will be an outstanding associate justice on the United States Supreme Court and he has my utmost support.”

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