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The Secular Student Alliance of UGA held a table at Tate Student Center today. Photo Credit to Secular Student Alliance of UGA Facebook page.

Secular Student Alliance at UGA

16 February 2017

Walking around the University of Georgia’s campus, it’s pretty common to see people handing out flyers for local churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. Today at Tate Plaza, a group known as the Student Secular Alliance was handing out flyers to raise awareness about their organization.

“We are a community for non-religious students here at UGA. We mostly just eat and sometimes we go kayaking and hike.”

That’s Leigh Anne Llovaras, the president of the UGA chapter. She says the organization mainly exists to create a community for people who aren’t usually included in major faith groups.

“Religious people have this connection, this community, and a really beautiful thing with churches. And non-religious people— that’s one things when people are coming out of religion is “Oh my gosh, I’m going to lose all of these friends that I’ve made.” And so, to have that for non-religious people, a community like that is… what we’re here for.”

Leigh Anne says that being a secular advocate in the bible belt isn’t always easy, but her group hasn’t run into anything but good discussion with people of other faiths in Athens.

“It’s just good dialogue, for the most part. Like, there’s been Mormon missionaries out here from time to time. And we get good conversations with them.”

She says a discussion that has regularly come up in meetings is the separation of church and state in politics.

“We need more science in our decisions, with regards to that like climate change and a lot of other hot topics.”

The Secular Student Alliance of UGA is part of a larger, national organization based in Columbus, Ohio.

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