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Over 500 people attended the event, a majority of them coming from the 10th Congressional District which includes Athens-Clarke County. Photo Credit to Athens4Everyone

Georgians Travel to Greensboro to Talk with Senators

13 February 2017

Some Georgians emboldened by the current political climate are taking their concerns with elected officials.

On Friday, 500 Georgians gathered in Greensboro. A majority of that group was from the 10th Congressional District, including locals from Greene and Athens Clarke County. They sought the audience of Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and Congressman Jody Hice during their Open House Event, where citizens can voice their concerns to their elected officials. They were met by the senators and congressman’s staffers instead.

Their concerns included healthcare access, education funding, reproductive rights, and the de-funding of research programs. Many people were concerned with the lack of access to the elected officials the staff members represented.

The event lasted for 2 hours. After it ended, Senator Perdue’s office released a statement saying, quote “If organized groups want to manufacture protests and continue to be disruptive, it will only deny those who really need help.”

Athens for Everyone, a grassroots organization who helped organize the event replied to the Senator’s comment in a press release today. The organization states they will continue to organize Georgians and attend these events until their Representatives and Senators hold in-person town hall meetings in their communities. They also personally invited Representative Hice to come to Athens and participate in a town hall with his constituents.

The organization is planning another trip to voice their concerns with Senator Perude at the next Open House event on February 23rd at 10am at the Henry County Farm Bureau in McDonough, Georgia.

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