Warrants Issued for Jackson County School Teacher for Alleged Bruising of Two Students

07 March 2014

ATHENS - Warrants have been issued for a Jackson County teacher alleged to have bruised two students.

The warrants, charging a 30-year-old teacher at South Jackson Elementary School with two counts of battery, were issued by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department publically on Thursday.

The teacher is alleged to have grabbed two kindergarten students earlier this week with enough force to cause the bruising, authorities say.

After a parent became concerned and filed a report with law enforcement officials on Tuesday, the teacher was immediately suspended.

As of Thursday evening, the Jackson County school system employee had not been booked.

South Jackson Principal Todd Nickelson declined to release details of the investigation but noted that the school district office was notified immediately about the allegations.

For more information: http://onlineathens.com/breaking-news/2014-03-06/warrants-issued-jackson-county-teacher-alleged-bruising-two-students

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