UGA Professor Receives Captain Planet Award

08 August 2014

The University of Georgia's J. Marshall Shepherd is a Captain Planet Protector of the Earth. That’s According to the Captain Planet Foundation, which recently added him to a list of outstanding real-life environmental superheroes.

Shepherd, the UGA Athletic Association Professor in the Social Sciences, will receive the award at the annual Captain Planet Foundation Benefit Gala Dec. 5th. Other 2014 honorees include renowned primatologist Jane Goodall and Carter and Olivia Ries of the non-profit “One More Generation.”
Larry King will be master of ceremonies.
Shepherd was notified of the award in a letter from Ted Turner, who noted Shepherd’s “ongoing and exceptional contributions to the future of our planet and your tireless commitment to speaking out about climate change.”
The Atlanta-based Captain Planet Foundation was founded in 1991 by Ted Turner.
The foundation supports high-quality, hands-on environmental stewardship projects that have enabled more than 1.1 million youths around the world to make significant environmental improvements to their schools or communities.
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