UGA Helps Develop New App for Foresters

27 June 2014

Professional foresters have long relied on the 135-page "Service Forester's Handbook" for on-the-go access to the formulas, facts and figures they need.

The pocket-sized weather-resistant field guide helps foresters convert figures, calculate volumes and dozens of other key calculations.
University of Georgia Extension and Southern Regional Extension Forestry recently released the first electronic and interactive version of the field guide, known as the “Service Forester’s Toolkit.”
Driven by the need to revamp a staple publication in modern forestry, William Hubbard, a Southern Regional Extension forester with the Association of Southern Region Extension Directors, worked with UGA Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Information Technology to update and develop an interactive application for iPads and iPhones to compliment the paper guidebooks.
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