UGA Football Players Arrested and Charged with Theft by Deception

18 March 2014

Four Georgia football players were arrested Monday after being booked and charged with multiple

The players arrested include safety Tray Matthews, defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach and wide receiver Uriah LeMay.

According to a UGA police report, it is alleged that 11 student tuition checks were drawn from the UGA Athletic Association account and were either cashed twice or presented for deposit. Essentially, the players were “double dipping” in the words of UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson.

The total loss is valued at $786.50, with each check being the amount of $71.50. However, since the checks were under the amount of $500, all charges will be misdemeanors.

Matthews is a sophomore from Newnan and is facing three misdemeanor counts. Taylor and DeLoach are each facing two while LeMay is facing four.

Matthews, Taylor, and DeLoach are alleged to have electronically deposited the checks through a mobile app into three different Wells Fargo accounts and then “presented to be cashed” the same check at an unknown location with an account at SunTrust bank, the report said.

“I’m aware of the situation and it will be handled in an appropriate way,” coach Mark Richt said in a statement issued Tuesday morning.

The double charges were noticed by the UGA finance and administration office and the UGA checks payable office.

Each player was released late Monday night on bond.

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