Transit Contract Would End Free Rides on UGA’s Prince Avenue

22 April 2014

If Athens-Clarke County commissioners approve a new contract between the county’s transit department and the university’s bus service, University of Georgia buses will no longer stop on Prince Avenue.

If approved, this would begin July 1.

Commissioners got the overview on the proposal at the session last week and plan to vote on the document at their meeting on May 6.

The university has provided transportation from the Health Sciences Campus on Prince to the main campus since fall 2012. However, during this time, some people not affiliated with UGA have used the transit system at no cost. This comes as a result of the university transit system’s policy of not checking ID.

According the Campus Transit department head Ron Hamlin, not checking ID is a means of keeping the buses on route operating as efficiently as possible. Under the terms of the contract, UGA buses won’t stop between the school’s main campus and the medical campus. Specifically, “the University shall refrain from duplicating services and using bus stops on off-campus routes ... by operating with no boardings or debarkation of passengers, i.e., ‘closed-door/non-stop,’ directly back and forth, with no interim stops between campus and satellite locations.”
According to Hamlin, a recent survey of UGA bus riders on Prince Avenue indicated that 10 percent were not affiliated with the university.

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