The University of Georgia is working with State Farm Insurance

20 June 2014

The University of Georgia Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of statistics and State Farm Insurance Companies will cooperate on a new program beginning this fall that will partner students pursuing a master's degree in statistics with the Fortune 50 company.

The Modeling and Analytics Graduate Network, or MAGNet, program will provide participating students with support—such as paid tuition and fees and financial compensation—while they pursue a master’s degree at UGA. In return, students will spend 20 hours a week—40 hours a week during the summer semester—conducting real-life research on projects directed by the Strategic Resources Department of State Farm.
Students accepted into the UGA master’s degree program in statistics will be able to apply for the MAGNet program, which will be patterned after a similar program operated successfully at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 2006.

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