Students Moving Into Dorms and Apartments at UGA

12 August 2014

Parents are moving students into dorms on the University of Georgia campus this week as they prepare for classes to start Monday. In spite of congestion on Baxter street, for most, the process is going smoothly.

Parent Mary Watkins says to get an early start if possible.
“It’s been good, yeah,we’ve had a great experience, we kind of beat the crowd and got in and we’re setting things up. Fortunately we’re in one of the smaller dorms so we’re not there with the big lines like the high-rises,” said Watkins.
For her daughter Katherine Sartor, freshman year at UGA will mean major changes compared to high school.
“Yeah, I come from a small private school and we only had 50 kids in my grade, so coming here is a big change, but I’m excited,” said Katerine Sartor.
Approximately 5,285 first year students and around 1,400 transfer students are expected to begin classes on August 18th.
The 2014 freshman class is the most academically qualified and is one of the most diverse in UGA history.

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