School Safety Conference at Georgia Center

08 July 2014

Dozens of School safety personnel are gathering from across the state at the Georgia Center for the 2014 Safety in Our Schools: Education, Prevention, Management Conference. The fifth annual Safety in Our Schools provides training to professionals responsible for ensuring the safety of students at all educational levels.

The conference is open to school administration officials, law enforcement officers, school counselors, school resource officers, public safety personnel, and emergency management personnel.
Anthony Stubbs is a School Resource Officer in Bainbridge…this is his first year at the event.
“With me being new within the school system, there’s a lot of things that I didn’t know about the school system, as far as what students deal with..because there’s a class also on bullying, and I used to be a police officer and I didn’t deal with that,” said Stubbs.
The three day Conference wraps up Thursday

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