Money From Tickets Written by GSP Troopers to go to State Under Bill

20 February 2014

Legislation introduced Wednesday proposes all money from tickets written by Georgia State Patrol Troopers would go to the state instead of to the county where the ticket was written.

Proposals like this one come up every few years in the state Legislature as battles between state and local government officials arise.

Representative Ben Harbin, a supporter of the bill and former chairman of the House-writing committee, believes the additional money can be given to the state to put towards public safety.

“We supply the State Patrol. We buy their cars. We pay their troopers, and then the counties get all the money from tickets,” said Harbin, R-Evans.

On the other side, counties see it differently. Counties typically build the State Patrol posts and give them to the state. Often, they buy radar detectors and bulletproof vests according to Clint Mueller, a lobbyist for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. In addition, counties provide the funds for the court for the actual handling of tickets.

“There’s a lot more to the cost of processing traffic citations than just paying someone to pull a driver over for a stop,” he said.

The proposal only has six days to pass the House, as it was introduced late in this year’s session.

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