Job Market Stalls for Journalism and Mass Communincation Graduates

07 August 2014

The slight recovery since 2009 in the job market for graduates of the nation's journalism and mass communication programs has stalled. That's according to a survey conducted by University of Georgia researchers.

Bachelor’s degree recipients from journalism and mass communication programs around the country in 2013 reported the same level of job offers as a year earlier, the same level of employment as did 2012 graduates, and the same level of success in finding work that is in the field of professional communication.
Employment tracked on a monthly basis during the November 2013 to May of 2014 period was flat.
Salaries received by bachelor’s degree recipients were unchanged from a year earlier, as, for the most part, were benefits offered.
Master’s degree recipients, who make up only about one in 10 of those earning a journalism and mass communications degree, fared slightly better as they entered the job market in 2013 than did graduates a year earlier.
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