Heavier Traffic Expected as Trucks are Rerouted Through Athens

11 February 2014

In an attempt to avoid gridlock similar to what happened on highways last month, trucks are being diverted to Athens from Interstate 85.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department, in coordination with the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s contingency plans to reroute commercial truck traffic off of Interstate 85 and onto Highway US 441 through Athens. Authorities have implemented certain restrictions.
They include: requiring that truck use the far right lane only and use the outer loop of the Georgia 10 Loop. The trucks are not allowed to enter inside the Athens perimeter unless they are making deliveries inside the perimeter.
Athens-Clarke County police officers and state law enforcement will be enforcing these commercial truck restrictions.
Message boards will be provided at key positions along the commercial truck route.
These restrictions are designed to help ensure safe passage for what is expected to be a significant increase in commercial truck traffic through the region.

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