Governor Deal Receives Higher Marks Following Second Winter Storm

18 February 2014

ATLANTA – According to survey results, Deal received higher marks for his handling of the second winter storm in Georgia.

Georgians blasted Governor Deal after his response to the first winter storm of the season in January that left thousands of people stranded on metro Atlanta highways for hours and caused some children to be stranded at school overnight.

As warnings for a second winter storm were received, Deal issued a declaration of emergency early and advised drivers to stay home before the storm hit.

The online poll by InsiderAdvantage shows that 73 percent of people surveyed approve of Deal’s response to the second winter storm in February. Just 17 percent of people disapprove. This is in sharp contrast to the same survey taken after the January storm, where 51 percent disapproved of Deal’s efforts.

The poll was conducted by OpinionSavy and has a 4.4 percent margin of error. There were 475 Georgia residents included in the survey.

CEO of Insider Advantage Matt Towery says that the governor received a good rating from across the board, including Democrats and independents.

“Whatever political damage Gov. Deal sustained in the first storm of a few weeks ago melted away with his take-charge approach with this second storm,” Towery said.

Some speculated that Deal’s handing of the January storm may have jeopardized his re-election this year.

“This may prove to be one of the biggest moments of his years as governor and might prove a true turning point in his race for re-election,” Towery said.

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