Georgia Senate Candidates Face-to-Face in Political Forum

21 August 2014

Senate hopefuls Michelle Nunn and David Perdue having their first face-to-face discussion as part of a forum Thursday. Both candidates let voters know why they’re running.

Nunn went on the offensive during her opening statement.
“You have a record that says I’m against the farm bill, that’s what David said, the bipartisan farm bill, and you also have the refusal to work together toward comprehensive immigration reform. So, that sounds a lot like Washington as usual to me,” Nunn said.

Perdue focused on current leaders in Washington.
“You know, you got to look at this situation and try to figure out how did we get into this mess? So we have very few people up there who understand the free enterprise system…and combine that with the gridlock, the self-imposed gridlock that we have up there and you end up with this failed administration creating devastating rules for you and me out here in the working world,” according to Perdue.

Governor Deal introduced the candidates and thanked them for their willingness to serve.
“I thank both of them for being willing to step up and offer themselves for public service. That in and of itself is a great contribution and I thank those who are their colleagues in Washington who will continue to serve with distinction there as well,” he said.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Association of Broadcasters and the Georgia News Network organized the debate in Macon.

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