FBI Helps in Search for Missing Ga. Woman

08 May 2014

ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia sheriff says an elderly man killed in his lakefront home suffered significant trauma, but the official declined to confirm a report that he was beheaded.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said Thursday that his investigators and the FBI are searching for 88-year-old Russell Dermond’s wife, Shirley. They fear the 87-year-old woman was abducted. Sills says friends found Dermond’s body Tuesday in the couple’s home on Lake Oconee in central Georgia.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. Sills tells The Associated Press he might provide more details on the death after that.

County coroner Gary McElhenney earlier told WMAZ-TV that Dermond had been decapitated.

McElhenney told the AP he learned by word of mouth that Dermond had been decapitated, but he had not seen the body and wasn’t certain how he died.

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