Doctor Pay Raise Arriving in Georgia

27 February 2014

The physician pay raise for Medicaid services is finally starting to reach doctors in Georgia.

The three managed care organizations serving most of the Medicaid beneficiaries are beginning to send the extra payments to doctors. According to the schedule release by the Department of Community Health, the payments should start this month. The pay hike was required under the Affordable Care Act. The goal was to make sure doctors were payed as much for Medicaid services as they were for Medicare.

“It’s both a relief and an encouragement that the money is finally coming,” Dr. Brian Nadolne, president of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, said on Tuesday.

The federal health law required that the raise be paid for two years, 2013 and 2014. However, significant delays began after the promise of payment in January 2013.

Starting last month, Georgia doctors began receiving the pay hike for care categorized under the normal fee-for-service model. But many Medicaid patients in Georgia are on managed care plans called CMOs. The payments are expected to start flowing this month from all three health plans.

Physician groups in Georgia raised alarms about the pay hike delay last July, calling it, among other things, “inexcusable.”

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