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Photo: Steven Colquitt

Dan Magill Remembered in Athens

28 August 2014

A celebration of the life of legendary Bulldog coach Dan Magill took place this afternoon. The man many consider the greatest bulldog of all time was remembered today at a public ceremony at Athens Country Club.

Dan Magill passed away Sunday at the age of 93. Magill served as Georgia’s men’s tennis coach for 33 years. from 1955 to 1988.
Associate Director of the Cox International Center Tudor Vlad remembers his friend and former tennis partner.
“I think he has done for this university more than any other person that I’ve ever met. Someone said one time that these days there are about 19 people who are doing, at the university, the job that Coach Magill was doing by himself.” said Vlad.
The two played tennis twice a week for 10 years.

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