Congress Passes Anticipated Farm Bill

07 February 2014

ATHENS - The U.S. Congress has passed a far-reaching Farm Bill that will feature a reduction in food stamps while expanding federal crop insurance for farmers.

The bill, which ends direct government payment to farmers, also cuts food stamps by $800 million. Jeffery Dorfman, a professor in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at University of Georgia comments on the extent to which those families’ currently receiving food stamps might be affected:

“We’re talking about a 1% cut in food stamps and they’re not going to do it as a 1% across the board. So people who were just kind of on the edge of barely qualifying and were probably getting a very small monthly value are going to be cut off and other people are going to continue getting exactly what they’ve been getting.”

Dorfman continues to say that farmers will be most affected, as the Farm Bill will help many in agriculture by keeping production costs low.

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