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Classes Begin for UGA Students

18 August 2014

Thousands of students are once again converging on the University of Georgia Campus. This year’s incoming freshmen have set yet another record for academic prowess.

When classes began today, it marked the second year in a row that students enrolling at UGA were among the brightest ever to attend the University.
“This class is going to enter with a 3.9 grade point average, a 1289 SAT average, a 29 ACT average, and then when you look at the honors program it’s simply off the charts,” according to UGA President Jere Morehead.
President Morehead says while it’s great news, there’s a limit to the number of records University students can set for academic ability.
“It may be hard to set any new records, certainly we’ve done that the last few years. Last year’s was an all-time record and now we’ve broken that all-time record, but we may find that harder and harder to do.” Morehead said.

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