Classes Begin Monday for Clarke County Schools

08 August 2014

Athens Clarke Police are warning drivers to be on alert as school starts Monday morning. Classes begin Monday for Clarke County Schools and police are reminding drivers that the speed limit in school zones is 25 mph.

Zones are indicated by white lettering on the roadway as well as signs on the side of the road with flashing yellow lights. The lower speed limit is in effect for 45 minutes before schools begin and 45 minutes after schools let out. Times vary depending upon the type of school (elementary, middle or high school) Police say also be aware of school crossing guards.
Drivers are required by State law to stop for school buses while students are loading or unloading. If there is no median, all lanes of traffic in both directions are required to stop. If there is a median, only the lanes of traffic traveling behind the bus are required to stop. Slow down and watch for students who might be running to or from the bus stop. Earlier this year, stop arm cameras were installed on a number of school buses. If you are captured on these cameras failing to stop for the stopped school bus, you are subject to a fine.
Motorists are also reminded that classes begin Monday, August 18, at The University of Georgia. Students are already returning in preparation for the start of Fall Semester and traffic volume is increasing daily. Police encourage drivers to leave a few minutes earlier to give themselves more time to arrive at their destination on time.

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