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Author and UGA Alum Discusses Leo Frank Case

17 November 2015

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank. University of Georgia alum and author Steve Oney wrote a book about the case.

“Leo Frank was a Jewish industrialist who was lynched 100 years ago and I wrote a big book on the case called “And the Dead Shall Rise.”

The case has many ties to UGA.

“This murder which led to one of the first so-called “trials of the century,” was adjudicated with lawyers on both sides who attended the University of Georgia.”

He is discussing the dark period in state history at four o’ clock this afternoon at the Russell Special Collections Libraries.

“Leo Frank was an ivy-league-educated engineer who was convicted of murdering this white girl who worked for pennies and hour in his factory. And he was convicted largely on the testimony of a black witness who was his alleged co-conspirator, and a white jury believed a black witness over an ivy-league-educated industrialist for one of the first times ever.”

Oney says many of the men involved in the lynching were also UGA grads.

“The lynch party worked on a couple of levels, there were the guys who put it together and then there were the guys who did it. The guys who put it together were by-and-large University of Georgia graduates.”

Oney, who writes for many national magazines, including Time and Esquire, also spoke to students in two magazine classes earlier today.

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