Athens Tech Hosts Open House to Show Off New Engineering Program

20 February 2014

ATHENS - An open house and career fair hosted by Athens Technical Program on Wednesday showed off its new engineering technology program.

The program started out with three faculty members and 25 students, according to the director Tremaine Powell.

Athens Tech President Flora Tydings expects program enrollment to rise. The expected growth for next fall is to a total of 100 students, which would also require the addition of another faculty member. In the future, Powell says the program could grow to about 2,050 students.

Visitors to the open house got to talk to the faculty members including Powell, Dongjin Kimm, and ecologist Jenny Pahl, who teaches environmental engineering classes. Prospective students got to also talk to representatives of companies including Caterpillar that might hire students that graduate from the Athens Tech program.

Stops on the tour ranged from electric vehicle displays to demonstrations of some of the department’s new equipment. The program is still waiting on some of the equipment it will need before it goes full-bore next fall.

“We’re going to get a full robotic system,” said Powell, who came to Athens Tech in January 2013 after four years at Athens’ Environmental Protection Agency research laboratory.

All students in the program are required to have internships, which will help them get a foot in the door when they start looking for a job, Powell said.

The engineering technology program launched this fall with technical certificates and two associate programs, engineering science technology with an environmental engineering specialization and nanotechnology. A mechanical engineering associate degree is also planned for this fall

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