Athens-Clarke Officials Say Splash Pad Treated After 16 Children Infected

21 August 2014

Athens-Clarke County officials say more than a dozen children have been infected with a parasite after using a splash pad. Officials believe the source of the spread of the Cryptosporidium was an infected person with Diarrhea who used the splash pad at the East Athens Community Park.

At least 16 other children who visited the the splash pad on Sunday, August 3rd were also infected. The parasite spreads when someone swallows water that has recently been contaminated. Water samples were sent to the CDC for testing, those result are expected later this week.
ACC Leisure Services staff performed a disinfectant treatment before the splash pad was once again open to the public.
The treatment used more than twice the amount of chlorine show by CDC studies to eradicate Crypto and was used for a longer period of time than required for the Health Department.
The Clarke County Health Department says the children were attending private party at the park.

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