Athens-Clarke County Tax Bills

25 August 2014

Real Estate and Personal property tax bills have been mailed to Athens-Clarke residents and the deadline to pay those bills is fast approaching.

The Athens-Clarke Tax Commissioner mailed the 2014 bills for taxable property in the county on August 18th. Payment is due by October 20th.
Every property owner and business owner in Athens-Clarke County should receive a property tax statement and bill by August 30.
Property owners and business owners who do not receive a tax bill by August 30 should contact the Tax Commissioner’s Office for assistance. Under Georgia law, bills are mailed to the last known address. Failure to receive a bill as a result of a move or change of address will not exempt a taxpayer from late fees, which are mandated by state law for any bill not paid by the deadline. Anyone who purchased property during 2013 and assumed the responsibility of paying taxes on the acquired property should receive a statement and bill for that newly-acquired property.

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