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Today is the first day of summer and UGA Professor of Geography John Knox says the season is likely to stay hot. “Chances are decent that it’s going to be hotter than normal and in terms of precipitation it’s anybody’s guess. We’ve been kind of wet. That’s called a persistence forecast. What’s been happening is probably your best first cut at what will happen,” Knox said.

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Before man walked on the moon, he could walk to the 5 Points Waffle House.

Since opening on Dec. 10, 1968, the Waffle House location has taken up a prominent spot on the famous Five Points intersection in Athens, on the corner of South Milledge and Lumpkin streets. The restaurant will be closing at 2 p.m. on Monday, June 25.

An Athens woman was killed yesterday evening in a two vehicle collision on U.S. Highway 441 North of Watkinsville. 77-year-old Linda Rasch failed to yield at the Rockingwood Drive intersection near Athens Academy at about 5 p.m. Rasch was leaving Rockingwood Drive and crossing the U.S Highway 441 to turn onto the southbound lane when she failed to yield to a Dodge Dakota traveling north. The pickup, driven by a Hoschton man, crashed into the driver's side door.

SCOTUS Enables Sales Tax on Online Purchases

9 hours ago

A 5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court will enable states to collect a sales tax on online purchases. The decision made in South Dakota v. Wayfair, which overturned two previous rulings on the subject, is expected to net states billions in previously unrealized tax dollars, including Georgia.

Fireflies in decline?

9 hours ago
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All the recent rain in Athens means it’s been a good summer for lightning bugs. But UGA professor of entomology Paul Guillebeau says that like a lot of animals, their numbers are declining. "Things like habitat loss and increased pesticide use affects them and that’s happening more and more that we’re pushing back the wild places and putting in subdivisions," Gillebeau said. The insects also shy away from lights because they can’t flash brightly enough to attract a mate.

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The controversy over President Trump's executive order to end the policy of separating migrant families who cross into the U.S. illegally is shifting to the courts.

Do you see a blue dress or a gold dress? Well, this time it's a green Zara jacket. And the color doesn't matter — it's what's written on the back in big white graffiti lettering: "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?"

Opportunity, phone home!

NASA scientists are still holding out hope they will hear from the surprisingly long-lived Mars rover. It went into snooze mode earlier this month, thanks to a gargantuan dust storm on the Red Planet that's blocking beams from reaching the solar panels that recharge the rover's batteries.

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