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ACC Library to Host Harold Rittenberry Exhibit

Jul 13, 2017

The Athens Library is hosting an exhibit by sculptor Harold Rittenberry, admirers of his work will have a chance to meet the artist at a reception this weekend.

Folk artist and Athens native Harold Rittenberry will attend the opening of an exhibit being housed the ACC Library on Baxter Street.

Rhiannon Eades, Public Information Officer to the library system says “Metal Visions: The Work of Harold Rittenberry will be on display in the facility through the fall.

'If These Walls Could Talk' Rabbit Box/ACHF Stories

Jul 12, 2017

The Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation is teaming up with Rabbit Box for a showcase of stories on the Classic City’s historic preservation efforts and buildings. The foundation’s Executive Director Amy Kissane says preservation is about more than just the buildings.

Georgia Ranks 2nd Best for Business on CNBC List

Jul 12, 2017

Georgia is near the top of the list for business according to the most recent ranking by CNBC. The business network ranked Georgia the number two state for business on it’s annual “America’s Top States for Business” list. The Peach state jumped into the top 5 from number 8 on the list last year. Georgia ranked highest for it’s economy, workforce, and infrastructure. The state did not fare as well when it came to education, where it ranked 33rd on the list, and quality of life, where it was once again in the bottom half.

Governor Appoints Panel in Sheriff Bar Fight Investigation

Jul 12, 2017

Law enforcement officials are investigating whether to suspend a Georgia sheriff who was arrested in connection to a confrontation in a Florida bar.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order Wednesday instructing a panel to investigate Walton County Sheriff Joseph Chapman.

State law allows the governor to convene a panel of two sheriffs and the state attorney general to investigate and to recommend whether a sheriff facing criminal or ethics charges should be suspended.

'Rally for Callie' to Protest Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Jul 12, 2017
Jill Gambill

Athens for Everyone, and supporters are holding a rally at the Arch Wednesday evening, protesting proposed Medicaid cuts.

The ‘Rally for Callie’ event invites members of the community to join developmentally disabled and special needs Athenians and their families to support those who would be negatively affected by the Senate Health Care bill.

Jill Gambill has a special needs child; she says families like hers depend on Medicaid.