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After more than a year of work, researchers at the UGA show that making simple dietary changes can make big differences.


You really are what you eat, according to UGA researchers who studied UGA students and seniors from the community for a year. Professor Lisa Renzi-Hammond says both the students and adults over 60 who received lutein supplements for the year-long project saw definite improvements in brain function.


ACC Government

Area residents needing free legal assistance can attend a pop up legal clinic this weekend. It’s the 5th in a series of clinics in the Access to Justice Initiative. The mission of the event is to provide access to legal services and information for individuals in need of legal assistance who live in the community.


Georgia Supreme Court Selects New Chief Justice

Apr 17, 2018
Judicial Council of Georgia

Members of Georgia's highest court have unanimously elected a new leader.

A news release from the Georgia Supreme Court on Tuesday says Presiding Justice Harold Melton has been chosen as the next chief justice. He will succeed Chief Justice P. Harris Hines, who is set to retire Aug. 31.

The court also unanimously selected Justice David Nahmias as the new presiding justice.

Georgia's chief justice serves a four-year term and presides over oral arguments and meetings at which justices reach their decisions. The chief justice also heads the state's judicial branch.

Immigrant rights advocates say a private company that runs a Georgia immigration detention center forces detainees to do manual labor for very little money in a scheme to maximize profits.

Immigrant rights groups filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against CoreCivic Inc., which has a contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to run the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia. It was filed on behalf of two current detainees and one former detainee.

Oxford University Press

Is America better served by a free trade agenda or protectionist measures? That’s a question being addressed in a discussion at the Russell Special Collections Library on Tuesday afternoon.


Author, Director Emeritus of the Dean Rusk Center and former U.S. Congressman, Don Johnson is discussing his new book, "The Wealth of a Nation: A History of Trade Politics in America.” Johnson says two and a half centuries have shown that a liberal economic system, or open market, works best for the nation.