Hurricane Irma

ACC Government Urges Caution During Irma Clean-up

8 hours ago
Athens-Clarke County Police Department

The Athens-Clarke County government is reminding residents to use caution during their clean-up efforts after Irma.

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Federal officials are warning of possible fuel shortages in the Southeast because of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Last week, the Homeland Security Department issued a week-long waiver on federal restrictions of foreign vessels so they could help distribute fuel. Officials noted this action should help, but urged patience.

Florida Evacuees in Athens

Sep 12, 2017
Dede Smith/The Florida Times-Union via AP

Many people had hoped to escape the effects of Irma. Skip Irwin is riding out the storm in the Georgia center after leaving his Florida home.

“Because this is the closest hotel we could get from Florida when the storm was coming in,” Irwin said. “

Irwin had just moved to Florida from Illinois.

“We moved to Florida last Saturday, we had a house down there, we sold our house in Illinois and we moved in and then we found out we had to leave so we had to start packing and figuring out what the essential were.”

ACC Government Preparations for Irma

Sep 11, 2017
Athens-Clarke County Police Department

The Athens-Clarke County government is prepared to react to damage expected from Tropical Storm Irma. County Manager Blaine Williams says those involved in the process are based at the Emergency Operations Center which has been set up at the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

“The Emergency Management Administrator runs that, and all the key departments have a representative in that room, along with some our community partners and that way, any type of response is very well coordinator.”

Irma Eyes Long-Feared Path: Straight Through Florida

Sep 8, 2017

Irma aimed its sights on millions of homes and businesses in Florida and officials warned that time was running out to evacuate ahead of the deadly hurricane, which was headed Friday on a long-feared path right through the heart of the peninsula.
By early Friday evening, Irma had maximum sustained winds of 155 mph (250 kph) — just below the highest Category 5 status — and is forecast to remain at about that strength when it comes ashore someplace south of Miami on Sunday morning.