The Guest List

This Gabby Award Winning program is hosted by Chris Shupe and features a monthly look at Live Performances coming to Athens as well as commentary by some of the areas top musicologists including Gabe Vodicka of Flagpole Magazine, Molly Williams of The Peabody Awards and Amber Henderson.

The Guest List is part of a "rotation" of locally produced music shows heard every Monday and Wednesday night at 9PM.

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The Guest List - March

Mar 1, 2018

On this month's episode of The Guest List, the Brain Trust welcomes back Gabe Vodicka of Flagpole Magazine after a brief absence from the show, find out what he was up to in this episode, along with recommendations like Dead Neighbors, The Flaming Lips, Shade and of Montreal, all coming to a stage near you!

The Guest List returns for 2018 with an all female brain trust while musicologist Gabe Vodicka takes a break to enjoy the pleasures of new parenthood! (Congrats Gabe!) Meanwhile regular brain trust members Molly Williams and Amber Henderson welcome guest host Marie Uhler of Eureka California! Highlights for February include shows by Oh Jeremiah, Orange Constant, Jonathan Richman, and of course Eureka California!

The Guest List wraps up the holidays and 2017 with a special year end review of some of the best shows and albums of 2017! Who made the list? You're gonna have to listen to find out!